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Annual Sephardic Yarchei Kallah

The concept of the Yarchei Kallah has existed for 2000 years. Twice a year the multitudes of Jewish laymen would flock to the great Yeshivot of Sura and Pumbedita for a months time – focusing on the halachot of the upcoming holidays.

Today there are several Yarchei Kallah programs all over the world – however in 2009 the first sephardic yarchei kallah program in lakewood was introduced by Rabbi Refael Bensimon and Rabbi Yechial Yeshurun ┬áin conjunction with Rabbi Biton of Congregation Zichron Binyamin – with their love of Torah and charismatic personalities they brought men from various sephardic communites to Lakewood for a 3 day intense learning program – focusing their learning on deep sugiot in shas – the program was repeated year after year and has grown since – following their guidance the program was expanded by Rabbi Michael Benezra to four other sephardic communities – Great Neck, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens – the Yarchei Kallah has profound effects on its participants.

The following pictures and videos are just a glimpse of the excitement of the program: