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The zechut of learning Torah is great – to be machzik a talmid chacham is a tremendous zechut -partner up with us by helping us spreading the light of the Torah and assisting talmidei chachamim simultaneously.  Our budget is close to $250,000 annually.

Here you can donate to any of our various programs:

  • Lakewood Halacha Night Kollel
  • Lakewood Gemara B’Iyun Kollel
  • Queens Night Program
  • Queens Sunday Program

Simply select the donation amount from the options below – or enter your own amount – and then enter your payment details to contribute that amount.

Donations can be sent to 

 Ohr hatorah
C/o benezra
7 kew gardens dr lakewood nj 08701

Tax id – 22-3684722 ohr hatorah is a dba of congregation zichron binyamin